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Please call the ELC Help Desk at 800-839-8507 for assistance.

What is the Initial Access Code?

High schools that participate in the UC ELC program are mailed the ELC submission instruction letter each year in late April. The submission instruction letter includes the Initial Access Code to allow registration on the ELC School Portal website.

Who are Rising Seniors?

Rising seniors are students who have completed their junior year but not yet begun their senior year. The ELC program collects student contact information for the top 15 percent of the schoolís rising seniors during the summer following the studentís junior year. If the school is selected to submit transcripts, the transcripts are due in September to allow inclusion of coursework taken during the summer between junior and senior year.

What is the Rising Senior Class Size?

The Rising Senior Class Size is the total number of students who have completed their junior year at your school and are expected to be seniors at your school in the fall. We require schools to enter the total class size so that when the school submits names of the top 15 percent of the class we can confirm the number of students submitted is appropriate for the class size. For example, a school with a rising senior total class size of 250 should enter this class size on the Register page and should submit student data for 15 percent of this number. With a class size of 250, the ELC program would expect 38 student names to represent the top 15 percent (37.5 rounded up to 38).

What is the SIS Type?

SIS stands for Student Information System and is the system your school uses to manage student data. If your school has their own system, choose "Homegrown". If you know your school's SIS type but it isn't listed, choose "Other" and then enter the SIS name. If you don't know your school's SIS type, choose "Other" and then enter "Unknown".

Welcome to the University of California's Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC) website for participating high schools.

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